Getting Settled?

It’s all about people talk about getting settled!

So here I am confused about getting settled and it’s such a big taboo in the society!! According to people getting settled is either getting married(maximum people say) or getting a job(some people say) or going abroad or buying a new house , car and so on. 

Come on !! Nothing of these are permanent . Looking at the current trend a marriage won’t even last for a month , you might lose your job at any point of your time . Buying materialistic things will increase your burden of EMI’s! However the definition of getting settled has changed in the modern age. At any point of time you may sent back to your motherland from the foreign land you are working.

Olden days , people were getting married and staying together till their last breath. However the current trend is not ready for it. All I wanna say is Marriage is not getting settled , which can break at any point and one will keep on ending up getting settled again and again 😂 There is nothing called getting settled in Life. Just live every moment to the fullest.

Thanks for reading.

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