An amateur date on TINDER!

Like everyone else , this lockdown has made me also get bored. I can’t describe the level of boredom though . I am never locked inside home like this before. In fact none of us . It was the same monotonous routine and suddenly I thought of exploring a dating site for a timepass for the first time. Out of curiosity I googled which are all the dating sites and it showed many like Tinder, bumble, and so on.

Tinder was something familiar to me as some of my friends used to keep talking about it and felt may be I should explore it. So one night I was super bored and decided to install this app. Later I started exploring this app. Soon after installing , I could see a lot of profiles getting displayed. Much before reading the instructions I just started swiping on the profiles left and right just to see which what next. Then suddenly I notice that my inbox getting filled up with a lot of messages 😂 I was super happy though without knowing what kind of conversations there could be. So many windows were popping up here and there showing interest in talking. I tried my best to talk to some 7-8 people at the same time. Almost everyone were looking for a sex partner and nothing else and one guy was talking about his bad life which was super boring. But this app kept me busy for sometime that night and at some point I got bored and deleted the app very next day 🤣

Finally before I deleted the app I got to know swiping a profile left and right indicated your interest and disinterest😉. It was fun though. For me , direct sex in the first talk was a major turn off😂. Then suddenly I realised may be am a bit old for this concept or outdated(Just Kidding)😜. Or may be I expected much more contented talks than just sex.

Thanks for reading!

One thought on “An amateur date on TINDER!

  1. It’s quite simple if we understand our problems and over come . Our mindset is the biggest asset to control our body .if we are not interested mind should fix that shouldn’t think about it .if we like we will focus. Always focus on the positive and what makes us happy .

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