She found a Delicious Cheesecake!

She is looking for someone in Facebook and accidentally, unknowingly she sends a friend request to someone else. That someone will reply her after a day or two asking if she know him. She replies, it was may be by mistake and she was looking for someone else in the same name as his. As it’s a smart phone age, request might have got sent accidentally.

After few weeks, she was depressed! She was going through a lot of things in her life. Here comes a day she would want to talk to someone new and there comes an active status of this person whom she accidentally had sent a request. She won’t hesitate. She will message him in Facebook messenger saying “hey,can we talk for sometime? Am really getting bored”. She would think he wouldn’t reply her but for her surprise he replies her and try to listen to her. Just like a psychiatrist who sits and listen to their patients! She feels so much better and thank him for his patience and time . Later both gets busy with their lives.

After few weeks, he feels like checking about her and texts her. She replies and thank him again for listening to her the other day. Now their talk takes the next level. He suggests her that she should relieve her mental and physical stress. He will talk to her more and more and make her open up about the fantasy world. He realises she is too romantic from her talks. More she talks, more he wants her to try him. She know how to make him melt and he will melt like a cheese cake. For sure he looks like a Delicious Cheese Cake who would melt once she touches him! They haven’t met each other till date. Both talks well . He makes her smile and laugh everytime they talk. She is sure that she doesn’t want to get into bed with him because he is a yummy cheese cake and an addiction. She is on Diet you see!

They enjoy each other’s yummy talks and fill their tummies with the romance and laughter. He liked her talks and imaginations and he loved being in her imagination forever and ever. They still talk but haven’t met. And she calls him, hey Delicious Cheesecake! And he says he melts!😉

He asks her if she needs a bite? She says she will just lick and can’t have a bite because of her diet. She was looking for a snack and she found a yummy delicious cheesecake which she can’t eat🙂 Rest of the things I will leave it to your imagination.

Thanks for reading!

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