Lost many years in doing right things!

Don’t you think so ?? By focusing on doing right things , we are forgetting how to live today! Trust me , you can’t make everyone happy. Not everyone will appreciate. Let me take you back to the childhood . It all starts with being eldest child in the family who believed to struggle for every small thing in life 😂. If you want you just compare with your life if you have siblings. Eldest child will struggle and the younger ones easily get almost everything without any struggle. Starting from bicycle 🚲, be it a mobile phone , bike, car , etc.

Also being eldest child, you are always forced to do right things and make no mistakes😂. Because you have your younger ones following you looking at you! Ah God! This is so stressful. How can you not do mistakes while growing up? Human tendency is to make mistakes and learn out of them. Also while growing up , it’s only comparison with other children and trust me, you are mostly wrong compare to other children in your parents eyes 😂. Again you have to work on making your parents believe you can also be better or best than others out there. Isn’t it so much to handle in that age apart from your studies , sports , entertainment??

When you grow up , again parents are scared to see the changes in your behaviour , attraction to the outside world! One small change in you, they are worried! Again you have to focus on doing right things😂 why don’t these parents let their children make mistakes and learn out of it themselves instead of pressurising their children to do right things always ?? May be what looks like right to you may look like wrong to me! Let us get into the life ourself and learn. Give some freedom to the children to understand what is right or wrong . Sometimes if you tell me repeatedly not to do something , I will be more curious to do it ! That’s human behaviour to be curious , specially while growing up. More you restrict , more I do wrong things. We all grown ups have lost so many years in forcing ourself to do right things. In that journey, we have lost being ourself.

It’s something like I pretending to be someone else. The more I focused on right things, more I worried about what people say and I stopped living my life. I have been through difficult times in every stage of life inspite of doing right things . Then they call it all fate or Karma😂 if something to be called fate , why should we even bother to do right things always ? Being always right gets boring you see 😜. Basically do what makes you happy. Now don’t ask me if smoking or drinking makes me happy , can I smoke or drink? 😂. Am sure you know what I meant!!

Thanks for reading!

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