Do you know what is MYOB?

Wait, don’t google. I will explain it better. It is nothing but Minding Your Own Business. How important it is to all of us? Why should we follow MYOB??

I see everyone being interested in others lives way too much. It may be curiosity or eagerness to know about others lifestyle, could also be interested in knowing what’s happening in others lives . People need space and they have their own life to live. You being interested in others lives will disturb their privacy. Unless it’s family, one need not think of giving justification about his/her living or lifestyle or happenings of their life.

Poking your nose into others personal/professional life is something like you are attending a function without being invited. More you stay away from others lives , more peaceful they are. Just imagine, how stress free it is for your brain, not to think of others ? Many times , someone’s interference will break families , create misunderstandings, lot of issues and build lot stress. One must draw a line when to interfere or how not to interfere.

Problems are never ending for everyone. Let’s deal with our life first and then think of others if we have enough time. So please MYOB!

Thanks for reading!

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