Let’s live life happily all over again.

The problems are never ending and so is the suffering. Life is never a cakewalk . Sometimes you wouldn’t even get over one problem, the next problem will be in line to enter your life. It’s too tiring and how I wish it’s the end. But no, there is life which needs to move on.

There are instances where people have no money and are still very happy in life. Also there are extremely rich people who have no peace of mind. What an irony! There are some people who think money can buy u everything. May be true but it can’t buy you health. Still money can buy you good treatment and postpone the death date. Otherwise yes! Money is the major factor for one’s happiness. Besides the fact that not everyone with more money are very happy. Everyone have their own set of issues and problems.

So the moral is, no matter rich or poor, problems are common. How about looking at the solution instead of suffering? If there is no solution, there is nothing much you can do.. So relax! Let’s accept the fact and try to live life happily all over again.

Thanks for reading!

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