Am I Judgemental?

Just today I read somewhere that not judging people is a sign of maturity. Over the years I have changed a lot about judging people. Earlier I was thinking much about what others are doing or where they are going and so on. With time I have changed my thoughts and decided not to judge others because judging someone defines who I am. I realised that I find more peace when I don’t think of others. Also after I started writing, I analyse things more than usual. If someone wants to complain about others, I start listening and try to understand both side of the stories and sometimes I feel either both parties are wrong or right in their own ways. In such cases it is better to be neutral than supporting any one party. That’s when I decided unless knowing what exactly each person is going through, one should not judge. When I cannot control what a person is going through, I have no rights to judge him/her. You never know what one is battling in life.

I must say, writing is making me a better person. The thought process has gotten wider and totally changed for the better. Here is an example of a girl and a boy. Let’s assume both are going through a relationship breakdown. A boy can have multiple relationships even after breakdown but a girl cannot have. Inspite of both going through the same issue. Men won’t be judged but women are getting judged. Why is that? I am not here weighing a man and woman or their deeds. But if someone has opted for the life they want, let them live it. Who am I to judge anyone! I’m glad that I realised how not judging is so important in life.

A person may be posting happy pictures on their social media account but he/she may be sad deep inside. Many a times people post happy things only because they are afraid to get judged badly if they post negative or sad things. People, it’s common. It’s ok to be sad or heart broken or hurt. It’s alright to show these emotions. I can’t change the world but at least am happy that I have decided not to be judgemental about anybody out there. Also, I speak when my opinion matters (I learnt this from a wise man).

Thanks for reading!

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