When I thought it was Cancer!

Few days back while having shower I noticed a big red spot on my leg and ignored thinking something has either bit or it may be a small hurt. Again after 2-3 days I noticed the same red spot which had not reduced even a bit which made me worry because it was not at all paining but also it was not reducing. The immediate thing I did was to click picture and sent to 2 of my doctor friends. Both did not answer me at that point of time..

The obvious next thing I did was to google for more information about the sudden appearance of big red spot on the body, which gave me various results like , it may be a harmless spot due to stress or an allergy or could be an Insect Bite or it’s a serious condition like Leukaemia. Soon I saw this , all my mind could think of Leukaemia which is blood cancer. I started worrying and I repeatedly called both these doctors. Out of which, one was my cousin(radiologist) who once said I would get CSD(Cat Scratch Disease) because a cat scratched my finger and made me cry atleast for few minutes. He love to make me cry. I still took a chance and spoke to him saying what happened also told him to check the picture I sent. Also I told him about my research in google and mentioned about Leukaemia with a low voice. He heard my low voice and said “Hey, it could be blood cancer” , which burst me into tears. He did not stop there, he also said I will live maximum for 2 months and he would visit home and get me my favourite fruits with a smile and cut the call saying he is busy at hospital. My eyes started flowing nonstop.

Now immediately another doctor friend(gynaecologist) of mine also called saying he was busy and couldn’t attend my call. Then I was crying and explained what exactly happened. He couldn’t stop laughing, which made me think because he is a doctor , he has no feelings about what has happened to me. But this is not the reason he was laughing for. He said no matter what we have , google always throws cancer. Try once if you want. As he was not a skin specialist, he still said it’s mostly an allergy or insect bite which I don’t have to worry by suggesting an ointment. He also mentioned, Leukaemia or blood cancer will only come if someone have a family history which relieved me even more as there is no such family history.

Obviously I did not stop here. Because I was still not convinced with these 2 doctors and took an immediate appointment with the skin specialist . I explained him what happened and he also could not stop laughing non stop. Finally he told me it’s called Purpura, which is a skin condition where people get these red spots due to areas and it will go on its own within 8-10 days. It’s totally harmless and one should avoid stress and also avoid research in google about health conditions. Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever got a cancer while googling? If not , try next time !! Ha ha ha!

Thanks for reading!

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