Forever Fantasy!

She met him on a social platform. They started talking casually. She was always stressed, lonely and so quite as a saint that she never realised how fast the days were going . The moment she spoke to him , he made her so comfortable and made sure she was high with his talks. He always makes her hormones dance. How much ever she tries not to get addicted to him, he make sure that she will be in his hangover after each conversation. She hates addictions . But he doesn’t give her any option but to get addicted.

She calls him a therapist. His words are so magical. Now she wants his touch. His therapeutic touch. She wants to be healed completely. They don’t chase each other yet they have a beautiful connection. They haven’t met ! Yet, she sees him in her everything. She is literally in a dreamland. She sometimes wonder if he really exist. Will she heal from inside completely?? Is this obsession?? Is he real?? I don’t know! The world he has created for her is so surreal that she cannot express in words. She wants him to be her Forever Fantasy!!

Thanks for reading!

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