He loved me the way I wanted!

She always wanted someone to madly love her .She misses being in Love. She is cherishing all the old memories while she was in love. Here are some of them she would want to share. She had a huge crush on this guy and he also had a huge crush on her.He was 2 years younger than her and was an amazing person. During college days through a mutual friend they both got connected, started chatting day and night and met over coffee and few lunch dates. Both had crush on each other and the guy liked her more and more. He gave her so much of Love, happiness which obviously she liked! He used to touch her hair with her permission, kissed on the foreheads, wiped her tears and hugged her tight when she was going through tough times. He sang her so many songs. One of his most dedicated song to her was “Maula mere,Maula mere from Anwar movie”. The song link is this (https://youtu.be/mRqB4ryQ6QA).He just Loved her the way she wanted.

Days and months passed by. All this while they were more than friends. One fine day both thought they cannot live without each other and thought of getting committed. Here comes the problem. Whatever was looking colourful earlier now started becoming suffocated. Both started to have difference and fights started between them. One day she was upset and started crying over the fights they had and she was abnormal. She had a strict family. At her home parents got to know. They called this guy and bet him up and snatched his phone and his SIM card with a warning that he should never contact her . They scared the shit out of him. Ever since they both never contacted each other. May be if family had not interfered , they would have broken up themselves and moved on in life in a more dignified manner. But family made it so big, that both him and her can never forget what happened. It’s been more than a decade. She still misses him. Is this infatuation? Don’t really know! According to her it’s his love exactly the way she wanted.

Thanks for reading!

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