About VimanaYaana

ViMaNa is the abbreviation of the names of girls who are blogging. It is also derived from Sanskrit and represents Flight .. Yaana is journey. As we wanted the blog to represent the journey of real life experiences, we thought, may be it’s an ideal name for the blog . This blog is a constructive effort of Vi, Ma and Na. Vi is a silent support, rather a quiet one. Ma and Na write on her behalf. The blogs are mostly written by either Ma or Na. So the name ViMaNa!! Keep guessing who writes what.

Area of Focus: Beauty, Decor, Fashion, Food, Living, Travel.

We also write for friends and family who want to anonymously post their stories.

Essentially, the life of expression is the ongoing journey of how we heal each other… for by telling our stories and listening to the stories of others, we let out who we are and find ourselves in each other and find that we are more together than aloneMark Nepo.

For any feedback or query, please contact us at vimanayaana@gmail.com