When I thought it was Cancer!

Few days back while having shower I noticed a big red spot on my leg and ignored thinking something has either bit or it may be a small hurt. Again after 2-3 days I noticed the same red spot which had not reduced even a bit which made me worry because it was not at all paining but also it was not reducing. The immediate thing I did was to click picture and sent to 2 of my doctor friends. Both did not answer me at that point of time..

The obvious next thing I did was to google for more information about the sudden appearance of big red spot on the body, which gave me various results like , it may be a harmless spot due to stress or an allergy or could be an Insect Bite or it’s a serious condition like Leukaemia. Soon I saw this , all my mind could think of Leukaemia which is blood cancer. I started worrying and I repeatedly called both these doctors. Out of which, one was my cousin(radiologist) who once said I would get CSD(Cat Scratch Disease) because a cat scratched my finger and made me cry atleast for few minutes. He love to make me cry. I still took a chance and spoke to him saying what happened also told him to check the picture I sent. Also I told him about my research in google and mentioned about Leukaemia with a low voice. He heard my low voice and said “Hey, it could be blood cancer” , which burst me into tears. He did not stop there, he also said I will live maximum for 2 months and he would visit home and get me my favourite fruits with a smile and cut the call saying he is busy at hospital. My eyes started flowing nonstop.

Now immediately another doctor friend(gynaecologist) of mine also called saying he was busy and couldn’t attend my call. Then I was crying and explained what exactly happened. He couldn’t stop laughing, which made me think because he is a doctor , he has no feelings about what has happened to me. But this is not the reason he was laughing for. He said no matter what we have , google always throws cancer. Try once if you want. As he was not a skin specialist, he still said it’s mostly an allergy or insect bite which I don’t have to worry by suggesting an ointment. He also mentioned, Leukaemia or blood cancer will only come if someone have a family history which relieved me even more as there is no such family history.

Obviously I did not stop here. Because I was still not convinced with these 2 doctors and took an immediate appointment with the skin specialist . I explained him what happened and he also could not stop laughing non stop. Finally he told me it’s called Purpura, which is a skin condition where people get these red spots due to areas and it will go on its own within 8-10 days. It’s totally harmless and one should avoid stress and also avoid research in google about health conditions. Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever got a cancer while googling? If not , try next time !! Ha ha ha!

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It’s something which gets everyone’s attention! Raise your hands if you have not made any mistakes in life! Haha. Mistakes are a part of life and sometimes they are like trial and error. It’s alright to make mistakes but not to keep repeating the same over and over again. May be it’s kind of boring to repeat the same mistake(wink).

The moment when someone points out at my old mistakes and talk or judge, I just politely ask them, are you sure you haven’t done any mistakes till now? I have found this as an easy way to shut their mouth or in return I point out their mistakes which I could think of. It’s insane how people judge someone based on their mistake they did while growing up or whenever. Be it not scoring well in exams , diversions due to various things, choosing a wrong college, wrong people in life , loving a wrong person, getting married to a wrong person, could be anything. Once the mistake is past, stop repeating it like a parrot! Understand that you or I cannot change it. Stop hurting with the same old remarks. Allow people to live in peace and forget the bad things happened.

Treat mistakes as mistakes and not as a crime.

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Will Chocolate meet Cheesecake ? Part – 1

Well, this is in continuation with my earlier blog “She found a delicious cheesecake”. May be I want to tell you how they finally decided to meet or what happened when they met and so on. Here it goes! And Chocolate is the metaphor am gonna address her as.

Well, as days and months passed by, Chocolate and Cheesecake are still having a lot of fun and deciding if they could meet or not. Cheesecake is so good with his yummy talks that he make sure Chocolate melts and will be eager to meet soon. Both of them are so busy but when they talk they make sure there is a spark and it is remembered. Chocolate stays a little away from Cheesecake (in terms of distance I mean).

One fine rainy Sunday morning , she remembers him and texts him “Hey.. it’s been sometime since we spoke and just thought of saying Hi”. He replies funnily that he is still in bed and says she could have visited his place to say “Hi”. She replies back to him saying how the king of his place is not offering palace to stay when she comes over and she laughs! He immediately say how he would offer a place next to him right then. She smiles and replies, “Ah, I felt the cuddle”. Cheesecake is so dedicated when it comes to make Chocolate opening up with her talks. His every talk makes her smile and laugh with some butterflies in her tummy.

Suddenly she had to visit the place where he stays on some work but she could not inform him and while leaving the place she remembers him then decides to check her luck and calls him once. He would not answer her call and she return back home thinking he may be busy as it’s a Sunday. Later she texts him that she had visited his place to give him a hug and say “Hi” as he mentioned earlier. He replied her, he was so busy that somehow he missed the call. He also says if she had informed him before, surely he would have met her to say “Hi with a hug” (He chuckles).And she thinks about her luck and laughed! Will they really meet?? Can you expect a Chocolaty Cheesecake? Let’s wait for the right time!

To know about what happened before this story, please refer https://therealexperienceoflife.wordpress.com/2020/07/21/she-found-a-delicious-cheesecake/

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Am I Judgemental?

Just today I read somewhere that not judging people is a sign of maturity. Over the years I have changed a lot about judging people. Earlier I was thinking much about what others are doing or where they are going and so on. With time I have changed my thoughts and decided not to judge others because judging someone defines who I am. I realised that I find more peace when I don’t think of others. Also after I started writing, I analyse things more than usual. If someone wants to complain about others, I start listening and try to understand both side of the stories and sometimes I feel either both parties are wrong or right in their own ways. In such cases it is better to be neutral than supporting any one party. That’s when I decided unless knowing what exactly each person is going through, one should not judge. When I cannot control what a person is going through, I have no rights to judge him/her. You never know what one is battling in life.

I must say, writing is making me a better person. The thought process has gotten wider and totally changed for the better. Here is an example of a girl and a boy. Let’s assume both are going through a relationship breakdown. A boy can have multiple relationships even after breakdown but a girl cannot have. Inspite of both going through the same issue. Men won’t be judged but women are getting judged. Why is that? I am not here weighing a man and woman or their deeds. But if someone has opted for the life they want, let them live it. Who am I to judge anyone! I’m glad that I realised how not judging is so important in life.

A person may be posting happy pictures on their social media account but he/she may be sad deep inside. Many a times people post happy things only because they are afraid to get judged badly if they post negative or sad things. People, it’s common. It’s ok to be sad or heart broken or hurt. It’s alright to show these emotions. I can’t change the world but at least am happy that I have decided not to be judgemental about anybody out there. Also, I speak when my opinion matters (I learnt this from a wise man).

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Let’s live life happily all over again.

The problems are never ending and so is the suffering. Life is never a cakewalk . Sometimes you wouldn’t even get over one problem, the next problem will be in line to enter your life. It’s too tiring and how I wish it’s the end. But no, there is life which needs to move on.

There are instances where people have no money and are still very happy in life. Also there are extremely rich people who have no peace of mind. What an irony! There are some people who think money can buy u everything. May be true but it can’t buy you health. Still money can buy you good treatment and postpone the death date. Otherwise yes! Money is the major factor for one’s happiness. Besides the fact that not everyone with more money are very happy. Everyone have their own set of issues and problems.

So the moral is, no matter rich or poor, problems are common. How about looking at the solution instead of suffering? If there is no solution, there is nothing much you can do.. So relax! Let’s accept the fact and try to live life happily all over again.

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Abraham’s Story

My First Love

Somewhere in the mid 90’s, between the transition from primary to high school, I fell in love with this girl. Love or what was it, a crush maybe? She was beautiful, well mannered, loving and caring. Of my vivid recollections of her, she would come in a big caramel colored car with her dad. Her parents were our family friends as well, they were special to us. We would hang out often doing this and that. She was the love of my life, I was a shy guy and had no courage to speak to her openly, I had a crush over her. Slowly things changed, her father passed on, we continued to remain friends. We would visit each other’s homes after Sunday Mass.

Somehow although shy, I made up my mind and confessed my love to her. It was a smooth start, suddenly it was like the stars aligned in my favor, like she knew it was bound to happen, we knew we were in love and I filled that empty space with those three magical words, with that we were officially a couple, alright, a mini couple if there is something like that. We were lovers for the very first time in our lives. That bliss!

I vividly remember that moment, a very cold December evening, about 8 maybe.. clear skies with plenty of stars, walking towards her farm gates, our parents ahead of us unaware of what was happening. I told her that I was madly in love with her and that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her, it was a mutual feeling. That long walk and each moment spent was unforgettable. There are no words to describe how I felt at that moment. Ecstatic. I was excited to meet her the next day but the winter holidays had just begun, no school, I had to wait till Sunday, after mass. The very thought of it was frustrating. I tried all kinds of things to get a glimpse, to meet but nothing seemed to work. I was angry and sad at the same time. Teenage pangs! To my utter delight, she happened to come home that evening. My joy knew no bounds. I was so in love that I really didn’t know what was happening with me, I became more aware of my surroundings, the people around me, everyday was like a new day. I appreciated my family, my friends and loved them all the more. Her and me being in the same school, my school days were all the more memorable and I’ll cherish them for ever. Everything with that lovely curly haired girl was beautiful, the innocence of that love. There was nothing more I ever wanted.

Being in love for the first time or rather my first love taught me a lot many things along the way. First and foremost to be patient and to slow down, everything comes to you. As I said life seemed perfect, no hurdles. I was madly in love with her. Over time, life has its own twists and turns which many might not understand. Nothing is perfect, nothing in life is permanent. I had the pleasure of being in love, the most beautiful experience, something i would treasure all my life. A love that i would never forget. Love is beautiful indeed! ❤️


When you want to do something there should not be any obstacles personally or professionally. The moment you feel there is an issue, it is very important to act on it and find a solution. In this blog I am referring to a relationship.

She is Q and he is X. Both of them are working in the same office. As both of them are working together, they have a good bonding and are attracted to each other. He is funny and she falls for his jokes. Laughter is the reason for their connection. Days and months pass by and suddenly she develops more interest in him. Meanwhile they spend more time together at work and also outside work including the weekends.

While off shore travel on work , both get more attracted and he approaches her to get into physical relation with him. She did not deny as he always gives her good vibes and never starts his day without calling her and texting her. She thought he may be in love with her . She is pretty and he is handsome. So there is a natural attraction. She wouldn’t mind getting into physical relationship with him as they are quite comfortable with each other.

And now she gets intimidated by him and they move little further in that moment. They enjoyed each other’s company so much that it cannot be described. Both of them want each other more and more. After some point she would get too scared of getting attached to him. One fine day, she asks him if he can marry her. He laughs and continue to be as usual with her. She scratches her head that what exactly the definition of the relationship they share. Somewhere he gets a hint that she is trying to give their relationship a name but he thinks they are just friends with benefits and he tries to explain to her. As her imagination was totally different she couldn’t not accept what he said. She is so attached to him now that she cannot come out of these things easily. A closure makes it easier to accept the fact and move on in life instead or dwelling in the same relationship which has no name.

In any relationship or marriage, it is very important to have a clarity. If one think there is no future for the relationship, it’s better to have a closure and move on and make life beautiful. Sometimes it is better to communicate what exactly one is looking for in the relationship, makes it better than assuming things and getting hurt later. Isn’t it?

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Do you know what is MYOB?

Wait, don’t google. I will explain it better. It is nothing but Minding Your Own Business. How important it is to all of us? Why should we follow MYOB??

I see everyone being interested in others lives way too much. It may be curiosity or eagerness to know about others lifestyle, could also be interested in knowing what’s happening in others lives . People need space and they have their own life to live. You being interested in others lives will disturb their privacy. Unless it’s family, one need not think of giving justification about his/her living or lifestyle or happenings of their life.

Poking your nose into others personal/professional life is something like you are attending a function without being invited. More you stay away from others lives , more peaceful they are. Just imagine, how stress free it is for your brain, not to think of others ? Many times , someone’s interference will break families , create misunderstandings, lot of issues and build lot stress. One must draw a line when to interfere or how not to interfere.

Problems are never ending for everyone. Let’s deal with our life first and then think of others if we have enough time. So please MYOB!

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How Loneliness Haunts Her!

Most Indian girls go through this. She had a broken marriage. She was hesitant to attend any functions, with the thought of answering unwanted taunting questions. Few family functions are most important which she can not avoid. She had a brothers wedding which she cannot miss. It’s a big fat wedding. During the process she was humiliated so much in the name of rituals. She smiled throughout. There comes these photo sessions where everyone are with their spouses. Each one is busy with their own families. Naturally she missed her spouse and she was left alone. She was crying inside but she cannot create a scene in the wedding hall. It was painful for her. There are these people who talks about her that “ how in spite of having a broken marriage she is so happy and enjoying. Nowhere she is showing she has pain. Some people even cursed her that god has done the right thing to her. They even said , she deserves all of it”. She is so much hurt to hear all these. Now it’s time to look at the wedding albums. Everywhere she is alone. Her parents are together , sister is with her family and also brother has his own now. She has no one ! The wedding album haunts every time she takes a look at it. Her eyes are wet while viewing the wedding album!

Even before her brother’s marriage she went through so much humiliation by listening to the free advises given to her. That how she should be and not to be after her brothers wedding. People are so keen in giving suggestions irrespective of she wants or not . Each and every minute they make her think she is all alone. It’s some people and society who will not let her come out of the pain she is going through.

Of course one cannot make everyone happy and so does she. Leave her to herself. Mind your own business. Stop being judgemental about her life. You really don’t know what she is going through!

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Hello..! Let’s discuss on how were those quarantine days ! Like everyone , I was feeling terrible during lockdown due to pandemic. The only 2 things I don’t like now is Corona and Cooking. Corona has shaken almost everyone. These media’s have made everyone hate news channels by telecasting about corona 24/7 till date. The only topic of discussion right now is Covid-19.

Many days I felt like crying for being stuck at home for several days/weeks/months like this which never happened before. It felt like a jail. Everytime I felt depressed i was curious to check with people if am the only one who is feeling this way or it’s the same for everybody. The moment they used to say, even they are feeling unusual, later I was feeling better thinking , it’s not just me who is going through this phase. Also I was getting lot of bad thoughts about life.

These are few things I felt or heard during this lockdown. 1. Irritation for every small things 2. Lack of interest in everything 3. As whole time busy with household which is depressing 4. Super bored and Lonely feeling 5.Lack of entertainment 6. Lack of topics to discuss during calls with friends 7. Felt there is no space at home as everybody at home all the time 8. Felt there is no time for relaxing or “my time” kind.

We had no choice but to except these feelings and move on till the day got better. Look at the way how everyone are used to the mask now everytime stepping out of the house also how everyone is aware of sanitising their hands every now and then!! Meanwhile it was very saddening to hear or see some people how they couldn’t cope up with the depression and ended their lives. Nobody had expected that there would be days like this. It was a shock for everyone but better days are coming. Trust me. Things will never be the same bad and good days are ahead. If you have any problems, please chose someone you are comfortable and speak out instead of suffering yourself or find a way to get rid of bad thoughts. Do not make hasty decisions. Life is beautiful and there are lot of things we still have to see and do and achieve. So always Live,Love and Laugh.

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