When She was pregnant! Part-2

In continuation with Part-1, she sleeps off that night as her husband was busy partying with his sister and friends. His sister always wanted her brother to be with her more than him being with his wife. Also she never cared about her husband or her matrimonial house. More than her mother she was not ready to leave her brother to his wife. Basically she wanted to do everything for her brother without giving much trouble to his wife including her private space. She wanted to be a part of every bit. She would know each bit happening in the bed room ( imagine!). It’s something like a round table conference in their family that what happens in their bedroom. In case if she calls her husband , it was a conference call or loud speaker call. If her parents call him for anything , again it’s either a loud speaker or a conference. So think of privacy she had in her marriage. Initially she was feeling so shameful to know everyone talks about everything. No matter how “A” rated the matter is. Including everything happens in the bedroom. Later she tells her parents about the same and even they felt a bit weird but they were too shameful to discuss it with their son in law or his family. They told her to adjust or to handle herself. Sometimes during late nights if she and her husband were talking, thr sister in law used to call and ask she can hear them talking and what is her brother doing that late whenever she stayed in the same house. She mostly stayed back at her mother house post her college. BTW she was a lecturer in a college. She used to always say she love her brother more than anything in the world( as if she is the only one blessed with a brother on this whole universe ). The moment she see her brother showing little care or affection towards his wife, it’s a gone case. Next day surely a big fight between husband and wife. She had made her brother a puppet. By default her parents were on her side. Father was numb because he was unable to speak against his wife and children. How can she like her?? She needed her privacy at least in this pregnancy matter and see who gets the UPT kit!! Hope I explained the reason why she hated her so much! Even the sister in law hated her so much but then she was pretending as if she loved her so much. Do you think anyone would be dumb enough for not knowing reasons for their fights inside the bedroom?? How silly of her sister in law!

And let’s get back to the actual thing. The husband returns from his night party may be by 12:30am on Sunday, and try to hug her and talk nicely as he was drunk and also because he left her and went. Also he is curious about the test result. She just did not speak much and silently she says goodnight and pretended to be sleepy. Then he sleeps off.

The same morning he couldn’t sleep well and he wakes her up early morning like 4am and they start speaking. This was something usual between them . If they were good, they used to talk more and more. Or sometimes if he was guilty, he used to feel sorry about it and used to treat her well and wanted to talk to her more . He was never been apologetic but she could feel he was guilty. He notices her being still angry and takes her into his arms and talk nicely. She could have been easily fooled by his nice and yummy talks you see! Then her anger came down and he asks her about the UPT result. She tells him, it’s a surprise and she laughs! But she could feel his curiosity. Later it may be around 6am and she finally decided to tell him what happened. Saying the result was faintly positive. She may be pregnant. He says it’s not possible and he is been very careful and all. Somehow after few minutes he couldn’t stay in the room and he went down. Their room was upstairs and the house was down. She din’t know what to do and she was just on the bed in the room imagining his thoughts and why he suddenly went off like that. It continued for an hour or so.

Then after an hour , his father go to the sons room and try to talk to her about it. He loved her like a daughter(more than his daughter). That’s what he mentioned to her many times in the absence of his wife and children. He was also helpless knowing how his wife and daughter were influencing on his son’s marriage. Let’s get back to the point. Now his father tells , it was too early for their son to have a baby as it’s just 6 months of marriage. In case if the result is positive , she should be think about it. By the way, the husband was 33years by then and she was 30years. She started weeping and kept silent without saying anything. Because inside her head she was so hesitated to talk anything thinking if this is the topic a husband should discuss or his father! He spoke and went down. But his father was the one who wanted his son to have a baby soon at-least then son would change for better and towards his wife by leaving his much focus on his mother and sister. After sometime she gets freshen up and go down for the regular kitchen work. His parents have gone for a wedding Non-veg lunch meanwhile the daughter stayed back home and takes an appointment in her brother’s friends hospital which was close to his fitness studio he owned that time. Then her husband tells her to get ready for a salon inauguration and then they need to go for a check up. She believes it and go with him. She was even told in case if she get pregnant, his family should be informed first and if they say no, then she shouldn’t proceed. She should not even tell her family without his family consent. Later she don’t know what happened in the tests of that hospital or with the medicine they gave. The reports came negative and said she was not pregnant. Her dream shattered followed by my mother in laws torture saying to turn her son towards herside (daughter in law side) , she lied. Is it a news to lie?? Can any girl hide her baby bum if it’s a lie?? After 2-3 days of hospital appointment she got her periods. After this the husband did not sleep with her for 2-3 weeks thinking she will get pregnant. It seems when he heard the news his wife may be a pregnant, he got chills and he was shivering as his family members said later as if like he is becoming father to an illegal child. After which the mother in law made sure she will keep track of her daughter in law monthly cycle and made sure she will feed her enough of black sesame seeds by making sweet out of it or raw papaya. And the mother in law tells daughter in law , nowadays girls are so forward that girls should know how to use protection and not to get pregnant. Look at her! Her son wants all the pleasure and Daughter in law should be taking pills and spoiling her health! Wow!! Kudos to this monster in law 👏 Till date when she hear about other girls being pregnant, for a real reason she gets depressed and she try not to attend many functions. Because it reminds her of the pregnancy incident she went through. It’s not that she jealous about other girls but Its about feeling sad for herself.

Am literally in tears while writing this. From the time Ria was married , her mother in law always accused her when nobody were around that she separating her husband from them all. But all daughter in law needed was a little Love , Care and a good family, not a separate house. As a surprise about the pregnancy check up she gets to know much later that it was for a termination of pregnancy(After the beating incident as mentioned in the earlier blog).

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When She was Pregnant! Part-1

In continuation with my previous blog, I missed an important part. Like most of the girls , she also wanted to get pregnant and have a family of her own. Somehow she had a fantasy of having twins, a boy and a girl. I promise 🙃 When she got married also all was in her head was to be a good Daughter-in-law to in laws, a good wife for husband and a very good mother to her children (assuming she will have TWINS)😂. After marriage her eagerness about having a child became more because she was so curious how their baby look like(I believe both she and her husband look good, atleast to my eyes 🤣) and both of them were a terror and crazy, she was more curious what if it inherits both of their behaviour together and how to handle that collective bunch😂 Because both of them were not easy to handle by everyone. Till this moment she wasn’t sure about her husband’s views about having children. But once he had told her, who doesn’t like kids??and he would love to drop and pick them up from school😂 and then spend time with them as he would want to be a good father.

It was may be 6 months after their marriage, she missed her periods suddenly. Waited for 5-6 weeks and it dint happen. Usually her cycles were regular. Somewhere she was tensed and kinda happy thinking what if it’s positive and scared thinking if they are really ready for it. Kinda mixed emotions. It was a Friday night (weekend) and she mostly had off from work on Saturdays and Sundays. That weekend her husband and his family were forcing her to go back to her parents as usual . Because their plans you remember(from my previous blog)?? Weekends their son must go out with his friends and his sister like how he was before marriage. If she there in their house she will create issues saying atleast on weekends he don’t give her time or takes out or atleast spend time with her inside the house. Because from the time they got married he always used to say he is very busy. May be they had planned well about this whole marriage before and after.

Let’s come back to the Friday night. Her husband tells her he has plans to go out on Saturday night and he checks with her if she would like to go to her parents house. She denies it angrily saying she do not wish to go as her parents doesn’t like her going there very often unless it’s with him or only if it’s needed. As her parents wanted her to give more time to the husband and his family to get adjusted and used to the matrimonial house than going there every now and then without husband. Her husband never liked accompanying her to her parents house. Everytime she used to go alone and it was their arrangement that she must visit my parents on weekends as their daughter will be with them every weekend. But her parents were not liking it and she used to get scoldings from them as it was a new marriage. Because they were scared that people would think she had fought with husband and come.

Well, again let’s go back to Friday night. After she denies to go back to her parents home she sleeps off without much talking. Next day is a Saturday and usually they were spending some more time as it was holiday for her and later she would go off to her parents on most weekends as per their plan. Next morning , he noticed that she was a bit angry and did not speak much also he had plans to go out leaving her on Saturday night and she was going to stay in their house , he wanted to handle her well and he was kinda sweet enough with his talks and actions. She felt , wow and it’s a good time and let me tell him the news. now she make up her mind to tell him , about missing her periods and she may or may not be pregnant. For her surprise , he dint react and he was shocked to know . She thought may be this is how all fathers reaction would be.

Then she asks him to get her an UPT(Urine Pregnancy Test) kit which he did not get her till that evening. He makes his sister to get the kit after planning with his family well. She was shocked and was totally unaware that she would get the kit as she was as expecting her husband would get her. She hated her sister in law because she was wicked. Somehow she had all weird notions about life , marriage and society. She used to think , because of society one should get married and it’s not compulsion that you have to be with your husband or wife all the time. You must be with your friends outside always like how you were unmarried. End of the day you will go back to bed with them. Basically she means , she don’t want to be with her husband all the time and her brother also shouldn’t be with his wife. She had put these thoughts into her parents as well as brother. She is kind of dictator in the family. One more important thing, she don’t like to have children as she thinks there is just one life and we should enjoy it. Kids and all unwanted pain and responsibilities. She had filled the same thoughts to her brother also. So he had the power of his mother and his sister. Father was a little better and he was not into these things. Let’s move on now!

First of all she was furious that her husband made his sister to get the kit, secondly he was not there when she wanted to do the test. With a sad mood, she checks and it was Faintly Positive which would leave her scratching her head. Is she really pregnant?? Read my next blog to know what happened later.

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Someone I know !

Here I met a person few years back who had weird likings in life. He lives on his own principles! Weird but he don’t really care about anyone! He calls himself an influencer. What matters to him is his family! They are weird too 😂 At first I was wondering why he is like this ? Then after seeing his family, I din’t wonder much. It’s a family of four people where mother have separated her husband from everyone in the family and made sure it’s only she and her children for him. As she was emotionless , she brought up children also like that. Wherein both him and his sister cannot live without each other because they brought up in such an environment where it’s just four of them.

At some point both son and daughter have grown and reached their marriage age. For the society sake parents wanted to get their children married. Finally daughter got married first and after an year son also got married . For their luck both of them ended up being married to good souls and families . Now the actual problem started..!

As they had brought up in a closed environment of family of four , both daughter and son did not want to accept these new people in the family. It’s mostly like family of four remained constant. So now both children have left their partners saying they cannot live without each other (I mean siblings) . Daughter leave her husband first and she will make sure her brother also leave his wife. Now again back to the family of four. 🤣🤣 Parents never tried to correct their marriage instead they encouraged them to leave their partners . If this is what the mindset being parents why they got their children married at first place . Secondly being parents, how are they even peaceful being spoiling their children life! Now both children are jobless and sitting at home! Parents are as usual jobless!!

Family is always important but not to this extent! initially I did not want to judge him but as time passed by , I definitely had to be judgeMENTAL how anti social element him and his family is!! Also people like this talk too much and want to influence their surrounding with their thoughts in your lives. Finally it’s you who decides , who should and shouldn’t influence your life!!

After knowing his family background I realised , his family is the reason he is like this today! I later regretted for knowing him! 🙈 now I have realised , people like this also exist! I don’t want to judge if they are good or bad. But definitely worth writing ✍️ His mother made sure daughter and son grow up together and die together. May be as a mother she loved her children very much. But as a children they did not grow up well. One fine day he comes to me and tells happily that how people are scared of him and his family to talk about anything . I then got to know all the relatives and friends kept them away for their antisocial behaviour and their bad influence to escape from them.

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