Diya’s “Cyanide” Preparation.. 😝

Yes ! Yes ! You read it right .. 🙈 She is a good cook you see 👩🏻‍🍳 Excited?? Let me tell you about this one quickly!

I and Diya know each other from couple of years and worked together. She is a bit weird , sarcastic but too practical. She has very less friends and am one among them. We almost talk about each and everyday through messages . At times we call and literally talk about each and everything. She is a fast cook and she cooks anything and everything only when she is in mood to cook(remember this one)🤓.

It’s usually Diya who messages every single day without fail except few days when she is low. Recently one whole day she dint message and I was also busy the whole day . Then that evening I got free and realised Diya hasn’t texted even a single message. Then I sent a “Hey babe !! Wassup ?”. She replies She wanna die. I sensed something must be wrong and called her immediately.

I said Hey babe in my happy voice because I wanted to comfort her , she still sounded very low . I laughed and asked WHY? She was sobbing and saying , she is a big failure in life and her life is done. I still continued to talk in a funnily saying If she die now , I will be questioned about the incident because her last call would be mine. As am very busy now I can’t deal with this one and laughed again . I could sense she was a little better !😂

Again I asked , what’s the reason she wanna die or take such an extreme step. She again says she is a failure from all aspects of life and she has nothing left !! ( Family, health , Marriage and Career) . But so far as I know she has good family , health is not very bad where she can think of dying , she has a lovely Husband , she wanted to take a break from work so she is home now . And now she says she want to die as her life is a failure. That too without pain and quickly 😂 I laughed again and asked is she has any plans of how to die ..!! She replies “ Ya, Cyanide kills quickly also no pain”. I then ask her if she gets it by some Terrorist or Naxalite ?? Her reply was it’s very easy, I am gonna prepare at home!! I literally couldn’t stop laughing. May be she thought it as a piece of cake 🧁.

My next question was , How will she prepare ? She told me she will collect 200 apple seeds and she will prepare at home. Instantly I said , she can prepare it at home and make a video to promote through YouTube and other channels. The very next moment she release the video, she will have a long queue infront of her house to buy her so called Cyanide 🤣 .So that her career will be fixed and she get fame too. I even said I can help her with some comments on her YouTube channel saying “Hey Diya, it’s me commenting from HELL/HEAVEN, your cyanide is too good and it worked.” That’s it! She bursted out laughing and said she can’t think about death now. She even said I can be a good counsellor . 🤣 I told her I will charge her from next time.

Again I suggested her, she should think of preparing Cyanide and making a video and posting it in her YouTube channel!! (On a funny note )😂😂 She couldn’t imagine the fame(becoming overnight media and internet sensation) soon after trying that recipe and posting it. So she dropped the idea of Dying and preparing Cyanide. 😜

Thanks for reading !