Hello..! Let’s discuss on how were those quarantine days ! Like everyone , I was feeling terrible during lockdown due to pandemic. The only 2 things I don’t like now is Corona and Cooking. Corona has shaken almost everyone. These media’s have made everyone hate news channels by telecasting about corona 24/7 till date. The only topic of discussion right now is Covid-19.

Many days I felt like crying for being stuck at home for several days/weeks/months like this which never happened before. It felt like a jail. Everytime I felt depressed i was curious to check with people if am the only one who is feeling this way or it’s the same for everybody. The moment they used to say, even they are feeling unusual, later I was feeling better thinking , it’s not just me who is going through this phase. Also I was getting lot of bad thoughts about life.

These are few things I felt or heard during this lockdown. 1. Irritation for every small things 2. Lack of interest in everything 3. As whole time busy with household which is depressing 4. Super bored and Lonely feeling 5.Lack of entertainment 6. Lack of topics to discuss during calls with friends 7. Felt there is no space at home as everybody at home all the time 8. Felt there is no time for relaxing or “my time” kind.

We had no choice but to except these feelings and move on till the day got better. Look at the way how everyone are used to the mask now everytime stepping out of the house also how everyone is aware of sanitising their hands every now and then!! Meanwhile it was very saddening to hear or see some people how they couldn’t cope up with the depression and ended their lives. Nobody had expected that there would be days like this. It was a shock for everyone but better days are coming. Trust me. Things will never be the same bad and good days are ahead. If you have any problems, please chose someone you are comfortable and speak out instead of suffering yourself or find a way to get rid of bad thoughts. Do not make hasty decisions. Life is beautiful and there are lot of things we still have to see and do and achieve. So always Live,Love and Laugh.

Thanks for reading!