How I wish things were different now 😊

Sometimes when I think of current situations , I always feel it shouldn’t have been this way or things should have been in other way. But surely not the way it is! Am I the only one who feel this?? No! There are plenty of us who feel the same. But it is what it is 😂 isn’t it??

Something like if Duryodhana had not insulted Draupadi, Mahabharata wouldn’t have happened. If Rama had trusted Seetha, Ramayana wouldn’t have happened. 😂😂 Lord Shiva also faced issues. Creator Lord Bramha also have a curse that he will not be worshipped. It is always believed that , things happen for a reason. So this is about mythology. Let’s come to real life Ramayana Mahabharata’s now.

Many times we would feel, I shouldn’t have studied engineering rather I should have opted something else. Had I not met this person , things would be different . If I had not spoken few things , things would be much better today .. or If I had spoken things differently, the whole scenario would be different now. Its never ending . It’s done, it’s over. We can’t change anything now . It’s only we can wish , they could have been different and how it is not the way it is now.

May be that’s how it is meant to be. Let’s accept the reality and move on in life and let’s try not to harm others when we cannot do good to others . These things are in our hands but not controlling our past! Let’s make our life a better place.

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Crushes getting Crashed!!

Well, this topic must interest you more now cos it’s about crushes 😂 And here I remembered a very good friend of mine whom I met during 2008-09 while being part of an NGO where in he had series of crushes like a metro train 😂 one goes , immediately another comes !! Here and there some break !!

Well today when I was talking to him, I mentioned my next topic as Crushes Getting Crashed and he was so excited 😆 Then I replied him saying , it’s your story am gonna write. His reply was like , ayyo Nin ajji 😂 Then I asked him if he remember all his crushes now , won’t he laugh thinking about those days . He said he is literally laughing now 😂😂 I then convinced him saying , how him and his crushes are giving me content to write my blog 😜 also I said his crushes story could be telecasted as a never ending web series and then we both laughed! #Nostalgia😜

So far I remember, he might have had about 15-20 crushes and all got crashed before even he told them he had a crush 😂 Any pretty girl he meets, he had a crush without fail . For sure he was being extremely good and well behaved . Not just that , he used to be so helpful for them .. Making sure all pretty girls attends each NGO programs !! Hahahahaha !! May be this happens to most of them in their college days ! Now he is been happily married to one of his crushes(May be the last Crush about which am not sure 😉) and have 2 kids! He still hires all babes in his team as he is the Hiring Manager but he works from home 😂 When asked the reason he says , Pretty girls are inspiration to the team!! (He says in a funny way) 😬

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Getting Settled?

It’s all about people talk about getting settled!

So here I am confused about getting settled and it’s such a big taboo in the society!! According to people getting settled is either getting married(maximum people say) or getting a job(some people say) or going abroad or buying a new house , car and so on. 

Come on !! Nothing of these are permanent . Looking at the current trend a marriage won’t even last for a month , you might lose your job at any point of your time . Buying materialistic things will increase your burden of EMI’s! However the definition of getting settled has changed in the modern age. At any point of time you may sent back to your motherland from the foreign land you are working.

Olden days , people were getting married and staying together till their last breath. However the current trend is not ready for it. All I wanna say is Marriage is not getting settled , which can break at any point and one will keep on ending up getting settled again and again 😂 There is nothing called getting settled in Life. Just live every moment to the fullest.

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Our First Blog

We were thinking what to write and from where and how to start!!

Thinking ..! Thinking ..! And after so many thoughts that came across, we’ll start off with a little about us and a glimpse into our lives.

We would like to write about our experiences in life and also the experiences of people around us, the profound wisdom we’ve gained, the lessons we’ve learnt, silly witty stuff, the fun and laughter, the heartaches, the loss.. just about anything which is a part of our day to day life. Our stories might be interesting to some of you or might be a tad bit boring or repetitive to others.

We girls are in our 30’s, friends from a decade and a half. We come from different backgrounds with common interests, quite like minded.. agree to disagree on many a things, two of us love cooking and one loves baking, she can bake all day through the year! We holiday together, we would meet very often over cooking and baking sessions.. the usual girly stuff, photo sessions, and talk about almost everything under the sun!

The pandemic arrives! We couldn’t meet as often, we spoke to each other often over the phone, we had nothing new to speak either other than Corona, we were stuck at home. It was boredom of a different kind.. a new experience of extreme isolation. Being with family and folks is one thing, but for months on end, it was something else altogether. It was a new opening, we got to know more about people at close quarters, behaviours, attitudes and so on. We also learnt to cook better, to appreciate the small and big thing, to be thankful for our families, our pets, appreciate things and people we take for granted. It was the beginning of a new experience..

The boredom continued, that’s when we came up with the idea and concept of documenting our varied experiences, not just limited to everyday life but also to anything and everything interesting that comes up.

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Stay Home Stay Happy 😊