It’s something which gets everyone’s attention! Raise your hands if you have not made any mistakes in life! Haha. Mistakes are a part of life and sometimes they are like trial and error. It’s alright to make mistakes but not to keep repeating the same over and over again. May be it’s kind of boring to repeat the same mistake(wink).

The moment when someone points out at my old mistakes and talk or judge, I just politely ask them, are you sure you haven’t done any mistakes till now? I have found this as an easy way to shut their mouth or in return I point out their mistakes which I could think of. It’s insane how people judge someone based on their mistake they did while growing up or whenever. Be it not scoring well in exams , diversions due to various things, choosing a wrong college, wrong people in life , loving a wrong person, getting married to a wrong person, could be anything. Once the mistake is past, stop repeating it like a parrot! Understand that you or I cannot change it. Stop hurting with the same old remarks. Allow people to live in peace and forget the bad things happened.

Treat mistakes as mistakes and not as a crime.

Thanks for reading!