When I thought it was Cancer!

Few days back while having shower I noticed a big red spot on my leg and ignored thinking something has either bit or it may be a small hurt. Again after 2-3 days I noticed the same red spot which had not reduced even a bit which made me worry because it was not at all paining but also it was not reducing. The immediate thing I did was to click picture and sent to 2 of my doctor friends. Both did not answer me at that point of time..

The obvious next thing I did was to google for more information about the sudden appearance of big red spot on the body, which gave me various results like , it may be a harmless spot due to stress or an allergy or could be an Insect Bite or it’s a serious condition like Leukaemia. Soon I saw this , all my mind could think of Leukaemia which is blood cancer. I started worrying and I repeatedly called both these doctors. Out of which, one was my cousin(radiologist) who once said I would get CSD(Cat Scratch Disease) because a cat scratched my finger and made me cry atleast for few minutes. He love to make me cry. I still took a chance and spoke to him saying what happened also told him to check the picture I sent. Also I told him about my research in google and mentioned about Leukaemia with a low voice. He heard my low voice and said “Hey, it could be blood cancer” , which burst me into tears. He did not stop there, he also said I will live maximum for 2 months and he would visit home and get me my favourite fruits with a smile and cut the call saying he is busy at hospital. My eyes started flowing nonstop.

Now immediately another doctor friend(gynaecologist) of mine also called saying he was busy and couldn’t attend my call. Then I was crying and explained what exactly happened. He couldn’t stop laughing, which made me think because he is a doctor , he has no feelings about what has happened to me. But this is not the reason he was laughing for. He said no matter what we have , google always throws cancer. Try once if you want. As he was not a skin specialist, he still said it’s mostly an allergy or insect bite which I don’t have to worry by suggesting an ointment. He also mentioned, Leukaemia or blood cancer will only come if someone have a family history which relieved me even more as there is no such family history.

Obviously I did not stop here. Because I was still not convinced with these 2 doctors and took an immediate appointment with the skin specialist . I explained him what happened and he also could not stop laughing non stop. Finally he told me it’s called Purpura, which is a skin condition where people get these red spots due to areas and it will go on its own within 8-10 days. It’s totally harmless and one should avoid stress and also avoid research in google about health conditions. Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever got a cancer while googling? If not , try next time !! Ha ha ha!

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Will Chocolate meet Cheesecake ? Part – 1

Well, this is in continuation with my earlier blog “She found a delicious cheesecake”. May be I want to tell you how they finally decided to meet or what happened when they met and so on. Here it goes! And Chocolate is the metaphor am gonna address her as.

Well, as days and months passed by, Chocolate and Cheesecake are still having a lot of fun and deciding if they could meet or not. Cheesecake is so good with his yummy talks that he make sure Chocolate melts and will be eager to meet soon. Both of them are so busy but when they talk they make sure there is a spark and it is remembered. Chocolate stays a little away from Cheesecake (in terms of distance I mean).

One fine rainy Sunday morning , she remembers him and texts him “Hey.. it’s been sometime since we spoke and just thought of saying Hi”. He replies funnily that he is still in bed and says she could have visited his place to say “Hi”. She replies back to him saying how the king of his place is not offering palace to stay when she comes over and she laughs! He immediately say how he would offer a place next to him right then. She smiles and replies, “Ah, I felt the cuddle”. Cheesecake is so dedicated when it comes to make Chocolate opening up with her talks. His every talk makes her smile and laugh with some butterflies in her tummy.

Suddenly she had to visit the place where he stays on some work but she could not inform him and while leaving the place she remembers him then decides to check her luck and calls him once. He would not answer her call and she return back home thinking he may be busy as it’s a Sunday. Later she texts him that she had visited his place to give him a hug and say “Hi” as he mentioned earlier. He replied her, he was so busy that somehow he missed the call. He also says if she had informed him before, surely he would have met her to say “Hi with a hug” (He chuckles).And she thinks about her luck and laughed! Will they really meet?? Can you expect a Chocolaty Cheesecake? Let’s wait for the right time!

To know about what happened before this story, please refer https://therealexperienceoflife.wordpress.com/2020/07/21/she-found-a-delicious-cheesecake/

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Poke your haters once in a while!

It gives a strange kick when I think of haters. To poke them to know about me gives even more pleasure specially when am in much better place than them. I know ignorance is a bliss but sorry , I can’t ignore some special ones 😉.

When you know someone hates you, make sure you live a good life in-front of them. Even if something is wrong , just make sure you show off you are awesome! Which will surely poke them. As and when you get a chance to meet them and show you are happy, don’t miss an opportunity like how I do 😂

You don’t waste your time for them. They would be very keen to know about you and they are watching you. The moment you learn to handle them, you live your life to the fullest 😂 Keep your friends close, haters much closer. But the joy of poking your haters is beyond imagination.

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She found a Delicious Cheesecake!

She is looking for someone in Facebook and accidentally, unknowingly she sends a friend request to someone else. That someone will reply her after a day or two asking if she know him. She replies, it was may be by mistake and she was looking for someone else in the same name as his. As it’s a smart phone age, request might have got sent accidentally.

After few weeks, she was depressed! She was going through a lot of things in her life. Here comes a day she would want to talk to someone new and there comes an active status of this person whom she accidentally had sent a request. She won’t hesitate. She will message him in Facebook messenger saying “hey,can we talk for sometime? Am really getting bored”. She would think he wouldn’t reply her but for her surprise he replies her and try to listen to her. Just like a psychiatrist who sits and listen to their patients! She feels so much better and thank him for his patience and time . Later both gets busy with their lives.

After few weeks, he feels like checking about her and texts her. She replies and thank him again for listening to her the other day. Now their talk takes the next level. He suggests her that she should relieve her mental and physical stress. He will talk to her more and more and make her open up about the fantasy world. He realises she is too romantic from her talks. More she talks, more he wants her to try him. She know how to make him melt and he will melt like a cheese cake. For sure he looks like a Delicious Cheese Cake who would melt once she touches him! They haven’t met each other till date. Both talks well . He makes her smile and laugh everytime they talk. She is sure that she doesn’t want to get into bed with him because he is a yummy cheese cake and an addiction. She is on Diet you see!

They enjoy each other’s yummy talks and fill their tummies with the romance and laughter. He liked her talks and imaginations and he loved being in her imagination forever and ever. They still talk but haven’t met. And she calls him, hey Delicious Cheesecake! And he says he melts!😉

He asks her if she needs a bite? She says she will just lick and can’t have a bite because of her diet. She was looking for a snack and she found a yummy delicious cheesecake which she can’t eat🙂 Rest of the things I will leave it to your imagination.

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Diya’s “Cyanide” Preparation.. 😝

Yes ! Yes ! You read it right .. 🙈 She is a good cook you see 👩🏻‍🍳 Excited?? Let me tell you about this one quickly!

I and Diya know each other from couple of years and worked together. She is a bit weird , sarcastic but too practical. She has very less friends and am one among them. We almost talk about each and everyday through messages . At times we call and literally talk about each and everything. She is a fast cook and she cooks anything and everything only when she is in mood to cook(remember this one)🤓.

It’s usually Diya who messages every single day without fail except few days when she is low. Recently one whole day she dint message and I was also busy the whole day . Then that evening I got free and realised Diya hasn’t texted even a single message. Then I sent a “Hey babe !! Wassup ?”. She replies She wanna die. I sensed something must be wrong and called her immediately.

I said Hey babe in my happy voice because I wanted to comfort her , she still sounded very low . I laughed and asked WHY? She was sobbing and saying , she is a big failure in life and her life is done. I still continued to talk in a funnily saying If she die now , I will be questioned about the incident because her last call would be mine. As am very busy now I can’t deal with this one and laughed again . I could sense she was a little better !😂

Again I asked , what’s the reason she wanna die or take such an extreme step. She again says she is a failure from all aspects of life and she has nothing left !! ( Family, health , Marriage and Career) . But so far as I know she has good family , health is not very bad where she can think of dying , she has a lovely Husband , she wanted to take a break from work so she is home now . And now she says she want to die as her life is a failure. That too without pain and quickly 😂 I laughed again and asked is she has any plans of how to die ..!! She replies “ Ya, Cyanide kills quickly also no pain”. I then ask her if she gets it by some Terrorist or Naxalite ?? Her reply was it’s very easy, I am gonna prepare at home!! I literally couldn’t stop laughing. May be she thought it as a piece of cake 🧁.

My next question was , How will she prepare ? She told me she will collect 200 apple seeds and she will prepare at home. Instantly I said , she can prepare it at home and make a video to promote through YouTube and other channels. The very next moment she release the video, she will have a long queue infront of her house to buy her so called Cyanide 🤣 .So that her career will be fixed and she get fame too. I even said I can help her with some comments on her YouTube channel saying “Hey Diya, it’s me commenting from HELL/HEAVEN, your cyanide is too good and it worked.” That’s it! She bursted out laughing and said she can’t think about death now. She even said I can be a good counsellor . 🤣 I told her I will charge her from next time.

Again I suggested her, she should think of preparing Cyanide and making a video and posting it in her YouTube channel!! (On a funny note )😂😂 She couldn’t imagine the fame(becoming overnight media and internet sensation) soon after trying that recipe and posting it. So she dropped the idea of Dying and preparing Cyanide. 😜

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Crushes getting Crashed!!

Well, this topic must interest you more now cos it’s about crushes 😂 And here I remembered a very good friend of mine whom I met during 2008-09 while being part of an NGO where in he had series of crushes like a metro train 😂 one goes , immediately another comes !! Here and there some break !!

Well today when I was talking to him, I mentioned my next topic as Crushes Getting Crashed and he was so excited 😆 Then I replied him saying , it’s your story am gonna write. His reply was like , ayyo Nin ajji 😂 Then I asked him if he remember all his crushes now , won’t he laugh thinking about those days . He said he is literally laughing now 😂😂 I then convinced him saying , how him and his crushes are giving me content to write my blog 😜 also I said his crushes story could be telecasted as a never ending web series and then we both laughed! #Nostalgia😜

So far I remember, he might have had about 15-20 crushes and all got crashed before even he told them he had a crush 😂 Any pretty girl he meets, he had a crush without fail . For sure he was being extremely good and well behaved . Not just that , he used to be so helpful for them .. Making sure all pretty girls attends each NGO programs !! Hahahahaha !! May be this happens to most of them in their college days ! Now he is been happily married to one of his crushes(May be the last Crush about which am not sure 😉) and have 2 kids! He still hires all babes in his team as he is the Hiring Manager but he works from home 😂 When asked the reason he says , Pretty girls are inspiration to the team!! (He says in a funny way) 😬

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