Do you know what is MYOB?

Wait, don’t google. I will explain it better. It is nothing but Minding Your Own Business. How important it is to all of us? Why should we follow MYOB??

I see everyone being interested in others lives way too much. It may be curiosity or eagerness to know about others lifestyle, could also be interested in knowing what’s happening in others lives . People need space and they have their own life to live. You being interested in others lives will disturb their privacy. Unless it’s family, one need not think of giving justification about his/her living or lifestyle or happenings of their life.

Poking your nose into others personal/professional life is something like you are attending a function without being invited. More you stay away from others lives , more peaceful they are. Just imagine, how stress free it is for your brain, not to think of others ? Many times , someone’s interference will break families , create misunderstandings, lot of issues and build lot stress. One must draw a line when to interfere or how not to interfere.

Problems are never ending for everyone. Let’s deal with our life first and then think of others if we have enough time. So please MYOB!

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How Loneliness Haunts Her!

Most Indian girls go through this. She had a broken marriage. She was hesitant to attend any functions, with the thought of answering unwanted taunting questions. Few family functions are most important which she can not avoid. She had a brothers wedding which she cannot miss. It’s a big fat wedding. During the process she was humiliated so much in the name of rituals. She smiled throughout. There comes these photo sessions where everyone are with their spouses. Each one is busy with their own families. Naturally she missed her spouse and she was left alone. She was crying inside but she cannot create a scene in the wedding hall. It was painful for her. There are these people who talks about her that “ how in spite of having a broken marriage she is so happy and enjoying. Nowhere she is showing she has pain. Some people even cursed her that god has done the right thing to her. They even said , she deserves all of it”. She is so much hurt to hear all these. Now it’s time to look at the wedding albums. Everywhere she is alone. Her parents are together , sister is with her family and also brother has his own now. She has no one ! The wedding album haunts every time she takes a look at it. Her eyes are wet while viewing the wedding album!

Even before her brother’s marriage she went through so much humiliation by listening to the free advises given to her. That how she should be and not to be after her brothers wedding. People are so keen in giving suggestions irrespective of she wants or not . Each and every minute they make her think she is all alone. It’s some people and society who will not let her come out of the pain she is going through.

Of course one cannot make everyone happy and so does she. Leave her to herself. Mind your own business. Stop being judgemental about her life. You really don’t know what she is going through!

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